Mono-D - D Support for MonoDevelop

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What is Mono-D?

Mono-D is an Addin for XamarinStudio/MonoDevelop that brings D support to those IDEs.
(In the following, MonoDevelop or XamarinStudio will be abbreviated with MD or XS.
Technically, XS is MD just with a different logo and an Android development extension whereas the this Android dev extension is not free to have. Both XS and MD generally are free, though.)

This support includes

How to install Mono-D

  1. Install MonoDevelop

    • On Windows/OSX:
      1. Go to, download & install the latest MonoDevelop setup.
        Note that there's a gtk# package required to be installed as well.
      2. Open XS. Open the 'Help' menu and 'Check for updates'.
        Select the Alpha channel to be used for searching updates.
        Generally it's recommended to stick to the latest 'Alpha' version of XS because only then, you'll get the very latest & most recent changes & bug fixes.
    • On Linux:
      1. Check your distro's software manager for any recent MonoDevelop version >v5.0 and try install that one
        MD >5.0 is mandatory due to massive API changes etc.!
      2. If no proper build hasn't been uploaded, go to, download the .xz matching your OS architecture.
        Follow the instructions given in the readme.txt in order to deploy everything properly.
        The archives are maintained by me, so please check the site regularly (like 1-2 times per month) for updates!
  2. Install Mono-D

    1. Make sure you've got dmd, optionally dub installed
      Either via downloading the zip distributables or your linux distro's package manager
    2. Launch MD
    3. Click on the Tools => Addin manager menu
    4. In the Gallery tab, hit the Refresh-button
    5. If there's an exception that some .mrep files could not be found,
      1. Open the repository drop-down menu
      2. click the Manage Repositories entry
      3. Add (or, if it still fails:
    6. In the Language Bindings group, install the D Language Binding
      Mono-D is now installed and theoretically ready to be used!
    7. Open Tools => Options
      You'll find all D-related options in the Environment => D tree item.
    8. If the dmd executable cannot be found via $PATH or %PATH, adjust the compiler's bin path in the Compiler Toolchains settings to the absolute path.
      This also counts for OSX-Installations where XS is somehow not able to pass /usr/local/bin as default PATH just set the bin path over there as well!
    9. Do the same for dub or the Win32 resource compiler which can be downloaded from over here if required.
    10. In order to get the code completion running for phobos etc., activate the Includes tab in your compiler's settings and add the following lines (which you may fit to your machine's setup, of course)
      on Windows or the other respective paths for Linux:
      or for OSX:
      You can of course add custom globally used libraries as well.
      Note that it's not sufficient to just reference the ...\dmd2\src\-path alone -- the \druntime\src\-folder will cause trouble otherwise!
    11. Create or open a D project.
    12. Enjoy coding!
    13. Concerning updating Mono-D on Windows:
      Before installing any new version of Mono-D, make sure you never opened any D project since the last start of XS or MD.
      Otherwise, you'll get some installation errors etc which are caused by the fact that dlls cannot be overwritten once being loaded.



If you like Mono-D, why not feed me with pizza and beer for more features? :)