Fixes, fixes + even more fixes [v0.4.1.5]

It took me a while to bring up a new Mono-D release – I’m still working on my custom windows debugger engine. Anyway I could provide several bug fixes and feature improvements:

  • Improved/Implemented enlisting/resolution of static properties – now, the correct ones should be shown if you type ‘float.’
  • Switched on the program execution in an external console instead of using the stdin-less in-MonoDevelop variant by default
  • Fixed naming refactoring #141
  • Fixed¬†issue with aliased imports within method bodies.
  • Fixed parameter completion with default struct ctors and opCall overloads #140
  • Fixed a ‘file not found exception’ if a linked-in file cannot be found while loading the project
  • null-check on creating a new D file when no project has been opened #139
  • Issue with multiple single-line comments that weren’t handled as text that spreads over multiple lines #139
  • #!/usr/bin/rdmd breaks autocompletion¬†#138
  • Small null check issues; indenting/completion issues with char literals
  • string[string] function argument, causes an exception. ¬†#134
  • Made the parser recognize ‘enum’ as return type for functions #133
  • Improved SearchBlockAt() method performance by establishing a binary search algorithm — from 0.6 to 0.1ms average duration + no foreach anymore ;)
  • Began with the new formatter. Will be finished at some time in the future..
  • Updated the 3.1 binary dependeny libraries.

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