Fixes + New refactoring feature [v0.3.5]

Yeah, slowed down coding a bit – because my 2nd semester just began ;)
  • [Expression Evaluator] Began with the expression eval stuff — added few class stubs
  • [Resolver] Fixed 2 small completion bugs (very precise, indeed! :-D)
  • [Parser] Fixed block boundaries determination bug
  • [Highlighting] Small highlighting change (added __vector keyword and recolored ‘mixin’)
  • [Building/Settings] Small usability improvement
  • [Settings] Fixed saving-bug
  • [Generic] Add ‘lib’ prefix to library name when creating new (linux/mac) projects
  • [Refactoring] Added renaming validation check
  • [Refactoring] Finished a rough implementation of symbol import refactoring (accessible via keystroke or context menu – just hover an undefined symbol, and right-click)
  • [Internal] Further code refactoring — a lot of code could be abstracted – so I did so ;) / Code optimizing ftw!
  • [Completion] Improved method parameter insight

Now it's possible to let Mono-D try to find unknown symbols - via context menu or Ctrl-Alt-Space

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